Thursday, April 2, 2009

I had a vision

And it started out with Stress.
Because I was a little stressed out, I decided to do some more dyeing, it really relaxes me. I took the Dylon Bordeaux Dye and a batch of the "white" wool and came up with this result:
Immediately the vision came, I saw some nice Bourdeaux, Pink and Purple yarn. So I started with carding the Pink and the purple (which turned out quite blueish) and when the bordeaux was dry i carden some of that too. Resulting in the below batts:
Then I had to decide on how to mix up the colours. I decided to go for layered batts. I just took the drum carder, started filling it up and look, a nice layered batt:
So now I am spinning. Don't want to overdo it (I am known for it) and agreed with myself, 1 layered batt a day. What you see is the result of 1 1/2 batt:
Next decision to be made, what to do next. I am spinning a 15 WPI yarn. Do I want to keep it as singles, do I want to ply it? I am not sure if I can keep it single. I would sure like to make something nice from the singles, but did I give it enough or not to much twist...Dunno..Guess I will have to decide sometime (soon) and take the gamble. If it isn't working, I can try again. I can work it through the wheel again and add/remove twist I guess...
I think it will make a nice Moebius V2 (I renamed the green one to V1.03)
And, because I like this picture very much, here's one extra:
And now, back to the wheel!!

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  1. oh I love it, the colours look fab. i would have to ply it....I ply everything its like a spinning ocd! Spinning myself this eve, got pics too. Will upload them later!
    Zoe xx